Pup-Peroni Dog Treats (Original Beef & Triple Steak Flavors)

Publisher’s Note: This post has been updated throughout to clarify that this is a withdrawal, not a recall, and that it involves both Original Beef and Triple Steak flavors of Pup-Peroni.

The withdrawal involves specific packages of both Original Beef Flavor and Triple Steak Flavor. Photo: @LuisaRam710 on Twitter

Maker: Big Heart Pet, Inc.
Cause: Potential presence of mold
Announcement: Price Chopper Product Recalls page dated July 29, 2021 and product notice from J.M. Smucker Co. (archived here)
What was withdrawn: Various lot numbers and sizes of Original Beef Flavor and Triple Steak Flavor Pup-Peroni Dog Treats, with “best by” dates ranging from Sept. 25, 2022 to Dec. 24, 2022.

Specific lots of 2 types of Pup-Peroni dog treats have been withdrawn by the manufacturer because of concerns about mold.

Petful was unable to contact Big Heart Pet for details before their offices closed for the weekend, but we verified the news through an announcement on grocery store chain Price Chopper’s website. We also received a copy of a “product notice” from J.M. Smucker Co. to distributors, which provided lot numbers.

“Please be advised that we have initiated a withdrawal of specific lots of Pup-Peroni Triple Steak Flavor and Original Beef Flavor Dog Treats due to an incident involving mold,” the letter from Smucker stated.

The letter added, “While we continue to evaluate the issue, the data we currently have does not suggest a food safety risk, and we are coordinating this withdrawal out of an abundance of caution.”

Various lot numbers, sizes, and best by dates are involved. The full list of impacted products appears at this link.

Customers Share Photos of Moldy Treats

Earlier this week, at least three customers shared photos on Pup-Peroni’s Facebook page that appeared to show mold on dog treats.

Photo posted by a consumer showing an open bag of treats with what looks like splotches of white mold on some of the treats
Photos via Pup-Peroni Facebook page

Photo posted by a consumer showing an open bag of treats with what looks like splotches of white mold on some of the treats

Twitter users had been complaining of mold earlier this month, and as far back as this past spring.

“This is not the quality we expect,” replied a social media team member for Pup-Peroni on Twitter.

Customers have also left reviews on Pup-Peroni’s website complaining about mold. Two months ago, one person commented, “In opening the bag, all of them and the side of the bag was moldy. So disappointed. They were gross.”

If you have any of the affected products at home, you can return them to your place of purchase for a refund, or try calling Big Heart Pet at 833-764-2543 on weekdays during business hours.

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Finally, we would like to thank Petful subscriber Vicki H. for bringing this withdrawal of products to our attention. She was trying to buy some of these treats at her local Sam’s Club, and an employee there mentioned that they had just been “recalled.”

There were more recalls in 2021. See the previous one:

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